Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Just when I thought my child was perfect...

 It's almost been 6 months since the last time I have blogged. I am constantly feeling guilty about not keeping up with it, so I decided to start again. Even Cj wants me to keep blogging which makes me happy that my past 5 years of blogging has meant something to him! :) If this next post didn't get me back to blogging I don't know what would! 

Tayslee and Kylie
Last week I went to get my hair done. One of my friends does hair out of her house, she has a daughter named Kylie that is the same age as Tayslee and they also go to the same preschool. Tayslee begged to come with me so she could play with Kylie, I normally don't take her with me because I can't really watch her and get my hair done at the same time but I thought what's the worst they can do? Well ALOT apparently.  
Just as Kendra was finishing up my hair I thought we should check on the girls because it was pretty quiet. So Kendra left and about 2 minutes later she screams for me to come in and check on the girls. My stomach sank, I knew something was wrong. I almost didn't want to look. I went into her master bathroom to find the 2 girls like this....
Swimming in black water along with a bunch of product and make-up bottles they decided to throw in with them. They were covered in paint from head to toe! Kendra and I were in such shock that all we could do was start taking pictures. We couldn't figure out how they were swimming in black water until we look over to find this...
This picture doesn't even do the mess in the closet justice we had picked up empty paint bottles before I took the picture and picked up shoes and hats with paint all over them.

I am positive Tayslee with never do something like this again, although I NEVER in a million years thought she would do this in the first place. She has learned her lesson. I made her go bring a cake to Kendra with her money and apologize to her. She doesn't like me talking about the accident she will cover my mouth with her hand if I start talking about it and tell me that she doesn't want anybody to know because its a secret. She is that embarrassed about it.

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  1. I am so sorry! I bet that was so awful! I bet nothing even close will ever happen again!

    On another note- I am so happy you blogged again!