Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Just when I thought my child was perfect...

 It's almost been 6 months since the last time I have blogged. I am constantly feeling guilty about not keeping up with it, so I decided to start again. Even Cj wants me to keep blogging which makes me happy that my past 5 years of blogging has meant something to him! :) If this next post didn't get me back to blogging I don't know what would! 

Tayslee and Kylie
Last week I went to get my hair done. One of my friends does hair out of her house, she has a daughter named Kylie that is the same age as Tayslee and they also go to the same preschool. Tayslee begged to come with me so she could play with Kylie, I normally don't take her with me because I can't really watch her and get my hair done at the same time but I thought what's the worst they can do? Well ALOT apparently.  
Just as Kendra was finishing up my hair I thought we should check on the girls because it was pretty quiet. So Kendra left and about 2 minutes later she screams for me to come in and check on the girls. My stomach sank, I knew something was wrong. I almost didn't want to look. I went into her master bathroom to find the 2 girls like this....
Swimming in black water along with a bunch of product and make-up bottles they decided to throw in with them. They were covered in paint from head to toe! Kendra and I were in such shock that all we could do was start taking pictures. We couldn't figure out how they were swimming in black water until we look over to find this...
This picture doesn't even do the mess in the closet justice we had picked up empty paint bottles before I took the picture and picked up shoes and hats with paint all over them.

I am positive Tayslee with never do something like this again, although I NEVER in a million years thought she would do this in the first place. She has learned her lesson. I made her go bring a cake to Kendra with her money and apologize to her. She doesn't like me talking about the accident she will cover my mouth with her hand if I start talking about it and tell me that she doesn't want anybody to know because its a secret. She is that embarrassed about it.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tayslee's in Preschool!

We just finished Tayslee's 1st week of preschool and I wanted to document about her first day! 
We woke up at 6:40 to start to get ready for preschool. I had picked out her outfit the night before so I would just have to throw it on, do her hair, brush teeth and grab something to eat and be out the door. Well that didn't go as planned. As I was changing Tayslee into her 1st day outfit, she REFUSED to put on her shirt. She said it was a boy shirt and she didn't want to wear it. I was completely unsure of what to say or do. My worst nightmare was happening. She has NEVER cared what she has worn and I loved that about her but now of ALL days she decides to have a opinion! We argued back and forth, her telling me she wasn't going to wear it and me saying yes you are! FINALLY after MUCH convincing that it wasn't a boy shirt she reluctantly put it on. Daddy came home from work and the four of us went to take her to school! 

When we got to school we took some pictures outside and went in. She was so excited to be there. We snapped some pictures and got her settled and said goodbye to our little (or not so little anymore) girl and away we went! As I was walking to the car with Cj is when the tears began to fall. I felt that the morning was so rushed and her not wanting to wear her shirt and not being able to take the moment in is what made me cry. Tayslee was more than ready to start preschool and I have known that since she was two but it's hard because she is my little buddy and I miss her so much at preschool! 

3 hrs and 15 min later I got to pick her up! I was waiting outside for her and the teachers brought her out and she came running to me saying "MOMMY I LEARNED SO MUCH STUFF!" It was the cutest/sweetest thing. She was so happy and excited! I asked the teacher how she did before we left and she said she did really well, she was telling me how much she loved her mommy! (Total melt my heart moment.) I love that girl! 

As soon as we got back into the car she told me all about her day but the best thing she told me was, "Mommy everybody loved my shirt, and the stripes on my pants, and my sparkle belt!" I couldn't have been more happy to hear her say that! Hopefully we won't have another one of those incidents. I am not ready for Tayslee to have a say in what she wears!

The night before the big day at meet the teacher night!
Cutest Preschooler Ever!
Bright and early the next morning! 1st day of preschool!

There she goes!
 Hanging up her backpack with her bff Bailey.
 Her desk!
 Bailey and Tayslee get to sit next to each other!
 The shirt!
 I'm so excited to be able to spend some one on one time with Lola. We already have been soaking it in! I love this girl so much! She is the biggest sweat heart! 
This picture was taken later that day at my birthday dinner! Happy birthday to me I guess, I now have a preschooler! 

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Cori and her cute girls came down to Houston to visit us for 2 days. We packed as much as we could in those 2 days! We loved having them! Tayslee plays really well with Brielle and Seirra they are such cute girls. I love spending time with Cori too its so fun to have a friend to chat with for 2 days! We had so much fun! I think she needs to come again before the summer ends!
Lots of pictures, lots of girls!
Our activities consisted of...
Shopping, cinnabon, swimming at the pool, snow cones, trip to target, going to the beach, chick-fa-la, playing, and more shopping! 

If you are wondering if my photos are coming from instagram, they are! I am slightly addicted at the moment. It's just so easy, fast, and simple to take a photo. I worry I will never take my camera again.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Girls Night!

A couple weeks ago my friends Shauna, Amy and I decided to go out to dinner and then go swimming at Palm Beach without kids. We decided that we would go eat on the Boardwalk at a new restaurant called Bubba Gumps. It made after the Movie Forest Gump and is a pretty popular place to eat. When we got there to put our name on the list it was a 2 hour wait, we didn't have that kind of time since we still wanted to go swimming. I managed after pleading with the host to let us be sat next, and I have to say it worked and our night couldn't have gone better! 

Me explaining to him that we didn't have 2 hours to sit and wait! haha. I can thank Amy for this picture!
Pleasure Pier.
Amy, Me, and Shauna at Palm Beach!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Date Night!

It's rare when Cj and I get in pictures let alone together, so I made him take one with me on our date a couple weeks ago!
I LOVE going on dates with him! I wish it happened more often! I need to get brave and have yw babysit my girls but I am picky! We went to dinner and walked the beach and then went and got root beer floats! I just love being with him!

Lola's Smash Cake pictures!

This photo shoot was so fun! I picked out the color and style of the cake that I wanted and then had it made. Then I made the banner to put on the cake. It turned out perfectly! 
Lola wasn't sure why I was going to let her just dive into a cake. She took a little lick of the frosting and then looked at me as if I was now going to take it away. When she realized it was all hers, she went to town. It was so cute!
Amazing Photos by Cori Henderson! Love her!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer Time

Do you want to know what we have been up to lately?
Swimming, Swimming, and more swimming! 
No, Seriously that's all we do, it's the only way to survive the Texas heat!